India’s Beauty Secrets


It is every woman’s right to be beautiful and since time immemorial, Indians have striven to achieve and celebrate perfect beauty – both within and without. In traditional Hinduism, a woman is expected to be attractive at all times, and the secrets of how to make the most of her looks have been handed down by generations of women from mother to daughter. “Indian Beauty Secrets” invites you into this exotic and fascinating world, revealing precious potions and regimens for the body, Ayurvedic concepts of healthy eating as well as practical and affirming guidelines for inner beauty and peace. From recipes for vitality and every part of the body (natural skin polishers, herbal hair colorants, face masks…) to advice for dealing with stress and aging, this book explores every aspect of being a whole and beautiful woman.



Author: Monisha Bharadwaj
Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group
Published: 2008-04-03
Number of Pages: 160


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